What is the purpose of "Unchanged" option on tickets?

Hello, I am using RT 4.4.4

Partially out of out of curiosity, I am wondering if anyone knows the intention behind having the “unchanged” option in the drop down menu for Status when updating a ticket. Whenever someone is updating a ticket, the Status drop down menu shows all of the expected status options, but whatever the ticket’s current status is, that option shows there twice, once just as itself, and once with “(unchanged)”. I’ve attached an image of how this looks with ‘new’ appearing twice.

Wondering why there are both options here, and what the difference is between these two. Haven’t been able to find it in documentation anywhere.


I think there is no difference except that you know which one is the current one in case you have accidentally changed it (and did not submit) and you are not sure which it was.

Thus, both “new (Unchanged)” and “new” will result in the same “new” status after submit.

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