What have I broken?

Hi All,

We have recently started using RT and are running version 2.0.15. RT has
stopped sending out messages when correspondence is added via the web
interface. Mail sent to the queue address with the ticket number in the
subject is added to the ticket as correspondence and messages are sent out.

We have enabled all default OnCorrespond scripts in an attempt to get
messages sent, but without affect. The scrips enabled are…

NotifyAdminCcs with template Correspondence
NotifyRequestAndCcs with template Correspondence
NotifyOwner with template Correspondence
NotifyRequestors with template Correspondence
NotifyAllWatchers with template Correspondence
NotifyOtherRecipients with template Correspondence

Does anyone have any ideas why RT is failing to send out messages when
correspondence is added via the web interface or alternatively where I should
be looking to find out why it is behaving this way?

With thanks,


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