What CMS are you using?

​Hey all,

Hope you’re all doing good.

I work at a small firm in my hometown. We are planning to purchase a contract management system with basic features which we can afford within our budget. I would love to hear from people, who have expertise in buying business software for construction contracts.

For the time being, we use SharePoint application for contract documentation process. We are looking for a less expensive software. We’ve been looking all over the internet for CMS software. We’ve been getting a lot of calls and demo newsletters. For now, we have decided to go with Dock 365 contract management system. We are a bit confused here.

We are not aware of both the brand yet got attracted to it because of the cost and features offered. So, here I am for your suggestions. If anyone has any suggestions or advice, please reply.

If you have any other recommendations for the same, please let me know. Also, which CMS are you using for your business/contract management at your firm? How is RT working out for you? Do you use RT for your contract management? Was the transitions and installations easy and smooth?

Please help!


Not quite sure it’s what you’re after, but as a sideline we use our RT installation to track requests for Software as a Service (SaaS) purchases.

This involves capturing details using a home grown form to feed tickets into an RT queue. This queue has a custom workflow that models how different groups within the institution get involved with the purchasing of such contracts up to the point that the software is either bought or rejected. Input from groups includes the security chaps making sure the software isn’t full of obvious holes, GDPR approvals for data processing, budget checks, senior management sign off, etc.

As a result we have well defined workflow and an archive of the decisions made around such requests and purchases in RT, which is relatively easy for people to then refer back to, search, etc. We don’t use RT to manage the contracts themselves once they are purchased - things like renewals, etc are dealt with using the organisation’s normal budgeting and purchasing systems.


My plan is just use RT for contract management. My needs are pretty simple. Each contract will be an asset, and I’ll use related tickets to manage renewals, obligations etc.