What are the recommended hardware specs for the Linux server to build RT?

Hi all,

Interested in trying RT and understand it requires a Linux server. Can anyone point me to the recommended hardware specs (e.g. recommended/minimum CPU, RAM, and disk space)?

Tried looking for this in the Wiki and could not find anything concrete.


I think the easiest answer is “it depends” :slight_smile:

Will there be 1 ticket per day, 1000 tickets per hour? How many users of the system?

I’d recommend starting with 1 or 2 CPUs, and 2-4GB of RAM, and then monitoring the performance and being willing to scale up as needed. For disk assuming a minimal OS footprint, I’d suggest 20-40GB and it should be plenty of room. The main consumer of disk space in RT is the database, and within that, usually email attachments sent into the system.

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A multi-core processor is recommended, such as Intel Xeon or AMD Ryzen CPUs. The number of cores will depend on the expected user load and concurrent requests.
For smaller installations, 4GB of RAM may be sufficient, but for larger and more active installations, consider at least 8GB or more to ensure smooth performance.