Weird ticket history display problem

Hi Everyone,
I am having a really odd problem with my RT-3.0.10 install. I’m
running apache 1.3 and modperl 1.29 which I compiled from source on a
FC1 box. The problem is that whenever you go to display a ticket
history in basics or history, the user and time of the last transaction
to any ticket in any queue of the database is displayed. For example,
if user A creates a ticket, and user B comments another ticket, the
transaction time and the user name of the comment made by user B will be
on every single comment or reply for any ticket on the system. Is this
just a display problem or did I blow something up or miss a database
configuration?? Sorry if this one has been answered before and thanks
in advance for any help that anyone can offer.

Anthony Martucci
Help Desk Technician