WebRT: No permission to display that ticket

Newbie question for RT 2.0.15. My goal for RT is to use it via the web for
external customer support call tracking. The only catch is that I want
endusers to only be able to see the tickets they submitted and no others.

To test this functionality I’m using the default “generic” queue and a
non-privledged user I created. The system is installed and seems to be
functioning normally. Permissions on the “generic” queue are as follows:

Everyone: CommentOnTicket, CreateTicket, ReplyToTicket, SeeQueue
Requestor: Showticket

Everything works for my non-privledge user as I would expect, except for
when a ticket is first created. After hitting “Create Ticket” an error web
page is displayed stating “No permission to display that ticket” instead of
showing the ticket summary. The strange thing is that when I go to “Open
requests” for that user, though, the ticket is actually there and displayed.
My question is how do I avoid this error message when a ticket is created,
but still dissallow other users to see tickets which were not submitted by

To troubleshoot this I modified the permissions to give Everyone the
Showticket right which eliminated the error message and showed the ticket
summary after intial creation. The side effect of this of course is now
every user can see every other user’s ticket in the queue if they just “Goto
Ticket” . This is what I want to avoid
if at all possible. Any suggestions on how to correct this would greatly be

Thanks in advance,


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