WebRT interface issues for customers


Looking for some config advice here.

Our organization is using RT 3.4.2, and we have an install of about 30
queues or so, and about 50 or so “customers” who access it in a support
setting. We have been primarily creating tickets (and acting upon them)
via email and using WebRT to manage the tickets there after, where the
customers can track their progress as well. However we plan to migrate
most of that ticket creation to the web (since we can use CustomFields
to get additional information that we can act (scrip) upon that we can’t
get reliably in email) However, we have come across some issues along
the way where I need to hide certain features, like when creating a
ticket, hide the pull-down to set the “owner” for that ticket. (only
internal staff should set the owner, not the requester)

Would a possible solution, since we customers in their own group
already, is:

- create a meta-group
- make all those groups members of that "meta group"
- modify the create ticket script to only show the owner
  pulldown if they are NOT a member of that "meta-group"?

One last item - is there any way when setting a CustomField to
set/select a “default answer” The reason is that one of the fields is
priority, and if a customer doesn’t set it, we would like it set to
"Low". I don’t see a option when generating a custom field to do so.

Thanks in advance - Peter
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