WebDomain = IP Address?

I noticed this in the RT’s syslog:

Feb 25 14:25:52 support RT: [1188] The requested host ( does NOT match the configured
WebDomain (support.org.net).  Perhaps you should Set($WebDomain, ''); in RT_SiteConfig.pm,
otherwise your internal hyperlinks may be broken.

The apache config has the domain configured, as has RT. Should I really do as noted in the log?

That means you are accessing the RT web UI using the IP address in the browser and not the domain you have configured. You should set RT to use whichever URL domain/IP you plan to put in your browser

I have set

Set($WebDomain, "support.org.net");

I can also see from the web interface Admin -> Tools -> System configuration that WebBaseURL is set correctly to exactly that. Hence I’m wondering about the syslog notice.

I’m accessing the RT installation via support.org.net.

I suppose that was a third party being nosy since this didn’t shop up again in the syslog. However if I deliberately enter the IP address of the RT installation this notice doesn’t appear again as expected.

The notice makes sense then, someone accessed the web UI from the IP address and RT was just logging that RT is not configured for that URL

When I try to replicate this (as mentioned in my last post) it doesn’t appear again in the log - which it should according to that logic.