Web server pauses on DB change in RT 3.6.1

I don’t really know how to explain this one, but I suspect it might
be a bug with RT 3.6.1, as this wasn’t a problem for us in 3.6.0…

Basically, when I go to click any sort of button that invokes a
change in RT’s DB, the web server just sits there and hangs - it does
not load the resulting page at all. If I cancel my browser’s request
while waiting and then reattempt the same thing, it goes through

Of course there are many reasons why the hangs might occur, but I
can’t account for the reattempts working consistently. Looking at my
access logs via a tail -f, I do see that the POST request appear
there immediately after clicking the button in question, so the
connection request is being acknowledged by the web server.

Could this indeed be a glitch with RT 3.6.1?

Joe Auty
UITS Messaging
Indiana University

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