Web Req to RT

Hello out there to the RT community! I just joined up on this mailing
list because I could use a little help.

I’ve been tasked by my manager to switch from using WebReq as our staff’s
request handler to RT. I’m not sure if anyone out there has used WebReq
before, but it’s a real mess compared to the sleekness of RT. It’s simple
enough to just switch the email aliases so that all new trouble tickets
are funneled through RT instead of WebReq. However, the crux of the
problem lies in migrating all the old WebReq info into the RT system.

Anyone out there have any leads on any software or pieces of code already
made to handle this type of migration?

For the most part, WebReq basically keeps all its trouble tickets as
seperate files in a handful of directories. Grabbing the files is no
major issue. The problem lies in parsing the files. Since it’s just a
mass of emails appended on top of each other with a couple of headers to
give extra info, the logic work is a bit tedious, since I’d have to stick
the right information into the correct RT MYSQL tables.

Any help would be appreciated, and I can be emailed directly at


Roberto A. Gonzalez
Dev group, ECS-212

“To business that we love we rise bedtime, and go to’t with delight.”
-William Shakespeare