Web Problem Resolved

Howdy Clark,

Thanks for the information. I had tried this
but it did not fix the problem, but your
answer lead me in the right direction.

The problem was that in my httpd.conf file
I had the following set:

AddHandler cgi-wrapper .cgi

It would not work with webrt.cgi or
admin-webrt.cgi. The error that would
come up was “cgi-wrapper can’t find script”.

What I did to fix it was to add this to
my httpd.conf:

<Location /rt>
SetHandler cgi-script

Now everything works fine. Does rt
not work with the cgi-wrapper program
or do I have an out-of-date cgi-wrapper?


cd /home/myweb
ln -s /home/rt/bin/cgi cgi
ln -s /home/rt/lib/images webrt

I have ScriptAlias /rt/ “/var/rt/bin/cgi/” in my httpd.conf
so that means you should be doing this instead?
ln -s /home/rt/bin/cgi rt

and of course FollowSymLinks should be turned on.