Web interface to automatically create users?

Hello all,

Thanks to Peter, I now have two instances of RT2. I’ve started using
on of these to handle bugs and feature requests for my software (the
other one is a more traditional IT tickets database). I’ve created a
guest user who can search the database and look into tickets (maybe I
did it wrong, but apparently one has to go through the Login window

I’ve decided that to add bugs, one has to create an account, so only
registered users can file bugs. As I understand it, this has
advantages for users (they can see the list of their bugs, watch
bugs, etc.) and for me (I can contact the user if I need more

I mention all this because according to the mailing list archives, I
might not use RT exactly as I should for my needs.

Anyway, I’ve created one real account manually, but I would prefer
that it was done via a web interface.

Does such a web interface already exists?

If not, I will probably write it (just don’t want to reinvent the
wheel). I plan to use rtadmin script in bin. And then, check with
rtadmin --user that the user doesn’t exist, create it
and send a confirmation by e-mail to the e-mail address they will
provide (so I can detect wrong e-mail addresses with the bounce).
Is it the good way to proceed?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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