Web based Project Management Software

Hi RT Users,
We’ve been using RT successfully in our organization now for about a
year, and we are delighted with it. We use it for IT Support Help desk.
At the moment I’m looking for some kind of web based project management
tool to complement RT. I’m looking for recommendations from other RT
users .
Based on my research so far this looks promising
http://www.dotproject.net .

Ian Clancy
IT Co-ordinator
Connaught Electronics Ltd.
Dunmore Rd,
Co. Galway,

For one project we’re used XPlanner (http://www.xplanner.org/). It’s
different compared to dotProject, but the approach how to handle tasks
is different.


Based on my research so far this looks promising http://
www.dotproject.net .

We’ve been using Trac with our subversion repositories. Works well.
DotProject seems interesting, too.

Our only problem now is our “task lists” are spread out over multiple
projects and in RT, so there is no simple global view of work.

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