Web based plugin installation

Hi guys,

We work with RT since 2004, and we love it. We have some ideas to imrove it. Our first thing we publish now is called PluginManager. It’s an extension with a functionality to install further extensons via GUI. Using Plugin manager you don’t need to install via cli anymore. You don’t even need to use ssh.
Although it’s in early stage now (v0.2.1), we think it’s ready to show it to you:
[GitHub - docca/RT-Extension-Pluginmanager at v0.2.1]

Current features (partially tested):

  • installs some of our small plugins
  • scheduled plugin activation and deactivation with Apache restart
  • scans and displays plugins installed manually
  • it works on Debian based systems and Apache only
  • deactivate installed plugins

We have the following milestones ahead:

  • more testing with Apache and Debian
  • Nginx and Redhat support (maybe Suse)
  • install extensions from cpan and github
  • remove extensions (with structures and data)
  • RT compatibility check
  • Automatic rollback in case of crash

Your feedback and ideas are welcome!
Docca team


That looks very good.

This is a very nice feature !

Thanks for the comments - and thanks for the star on the repo as well :slight_smile: Did you try it already?

I didn’t try it yet, but I will try it