Was your Site messed up / hacked?

I was surfing to see if there was a newer version of the Windows installer
for the RT ticket system. When I got to
Request Tracker Wiki I saw a screen
full of “Allahu ekber” and at the very end it says “Hacked Kensoft”.

Looks like your site was hacked. :frowning:

I don’t think I’m willing to call it “hacked” when there’s an ‘Edit’
button on each and every page. :wink: But yeah, some 15 year old with more
time than common sense wasted time defacing our Wiki. I’ve written to
their ISP’s abuse department to ask them to slap the twerp on the wrist.

Please take appropriate action immediately.

It’s a wiki. This is the nature of wikis. Anyone can edit them. Which
means that some twit can go through and deface it with his favorite
band, political party or diety’s name. I just spent 15 minutes cleaning
it up. Though while I was doing so, some kind user in Germany spent beat
me to most of it.

On a possibly related note…the last few times I tried to get to
p4.elixus.org to see if they had the newer windows installer I noticed that
server wasn’t responding. Could be unrelated.

That’s 100% unrelated. The folks at elixus.org have been having some
hardware issues and are in the process of transitioning to a new server.
RT 3.0.11 for windows can be downloaded at
download.bestpractical.com/pub/rt/contrib/ gone.

Thanks very much for the heads up though. It is appreciated.