Visual Studio C# REST API

Hello Community,

We recently started using RT, and I have been struggling to get my project to access the REST API. I am using Visual Studio web forms with C# & .net. It looks like there was an extension that would have made my life easier pre-2010, but it has been retired.

I understand that this is a two stage request. I first need to figure out how to nab a cookie using this platform, then submit that cookie with my request.

Has anyone worked on such code and gotten it to work? The RT documentation is way outdated for this as it references the package that disappeared years ago.

Sadly, I don’t expect a response as this is such a specific need, but had to give this a last try before I redesign a solution without the RT portion.

Take a look at the rt-authen-token plugin on github (
and possibly (they’re new REST interface). It will allow you to skip all the cookie bits.