Viewing queue-specific custom fields in other queues

Hi all,

I’m running RT 3.2 here and have set up a few queue-specific custom fields.
Tickets are occasionally moved between queues and we noticed right away that
custom field data isn’t visible in a particular queue if that queue doesn’t
have the corresponding custom field. Once the ticket if moved back to the
original queue, the custom field data is visible once again.

Does RT 3.4 have the same behavior?

It would sure be nice to have, if nothing else, read-only access to the data
in those custom fields when in other queues. Part of our tech support
workflow includes moving tickets among queues occasionally, so this affects
us fairly often. Switching everything to global custom fields in undesirable
in this case because of the types of queues we have in place.

Any other ideas for making this work?


Timothy Wilson
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