Version Control

So, I’ve prodded at arch, bitkeeper, prcs and aegis. Of the four,
bitkeeper and aegis are definitely the most interesting to me technically.

BitKeeper looks like it’s a little more polished and comes with some niftier
tools. BitKeeper’s license is such that it would require me to publish
changelogs of everything I do with it, which is kind of a non-starter as
not all of the work that I do around RT is for immediate public consumption.

Aegis comes in a close second. While a little hard to wrangle at first, it’s
proving to be a very powerful system. The built-in code-review dynamics
should make it much easier for me to accept and incorporate patches (ala
what linus is doing with bitkeeper). There are still some wrinkles with
enabling remote users to replicate my aegis repository, complete with a
full historical record, which I’m trying to work through. In the meantime,
I’ve found a tool written by Steven Knight of the SCons project (
which allows me to sync each change integrated into aegis into a "tracking"
cvs repository I’ll make available to the public for anonymous
access, just like we have today.

Now all aegis needs to make my life complete is a nice full perl binding. :wink:

-j – Trouble Ticketing. Free.

I should clarify that RT 2.0.x will remain solely in CVS and that the
switch to aegis is coming for 2.1.x. – Trouble Ticketing. Free.