Using the CLI in Windows

I ran into this issue this week and found a solution, so I thought I’d
share it.

I’ve got a set of scripts that use the CLI extensively. I got the the
script that runs on Windows and found that the CLI would run, but not
authenticate correctly with the server. Long story short: the CLI
expects unix-style paths for finding an .rtrc file and doesn’t know how
to deal with Windows-style paths.

There are two solutions I can see:

  1. hack the rt CLI script so it also knows in general how to parse
    Windows paths
  2. store the account settings in environment variables

I ultimately chose #2, since it was the quickest route to getting things
done. I could probably do #1 at this point, but it will have to wait
until other projects are done.


Seth Galitzer
Systems Coordinator
Computing and Information Sciences
Kansas State University