Using Shredder to bulk delete, but need to keep specific tickets

Hi All,

We are looking to use the shredder tool to delete tickets older then 1 year for a GDPR cleanup of the tickets, but there are several tickets that are setup as reoccurring task tickets that we have opening every week/month/year, that we do not want to delete and have to recreate. Is there a way in which the query could be written so that we could have something like:
LastUpdated < ‘2022-08-31 23:59:59’ and id not in (‘600639’, ‘680525’)

Where in the brackets would be all the tickets that may be older then a year but we don’t want to be deleted. Or is there a way to ignore tickets that are marked for re-occurance?

Thanks for any assistance!

We added a new status called “archive” to the life cycle and we can then use that rather then “resolved” for tickets we need to keep hanging around.

Four other solutions:

  1. LastUpdated < ‘2022-08-31 23:59:59’ AND Due < ‘2023-08-31 23:59:59’ AND Status = ‘resolved’
  2. Don’t use ‘resolved’, use ‘stalled’ for this tickets. They will never bie resolved. Expand your query with status = ‘resolved’
  3. Put all this tickets in a special queue not covered by GPDR
  4. Use a custom field “noShredder” or like this

Of course any combinations of this or like @GreenJimll said create a new state.

Hint: If you use ‘<’ (less) and 22-08-31 you’ll missing a minute to shredder. Use 22-09-01 00:00 :wink: