Using RT to track *billable* work

I’ve made the sale at the small consulting company for which I do most
of my work to use RT to keep track of it.

And I may have written myself into a corner. :-}

The goal, round these here parts, will be to be able not only to track
real work time, as it does now, but to be able to enter billable time
(which, as anyone who’s ever billed realizes, isn’t always the same
thing) as well as hardware sold, and print up a pretty work order at
the end of each visit, including everything you hadn’t already billed
on a workorder number.

Parts of it can be dealt with with custom fields, I realize, but I
suspect not all, or at least not as cleanly as I’d like.

I can see the broad brushstrokes of how I might implement such a thing,
but I haven’t climbed into the details yet. So:

  1. Has anyone already done it? (And yes, I’d like it to integrate well
    with Asset Tracker as well)

  2. If not, does anyone need it?

  3. If so, is there anyone who’s reasonably accomplished at modifying RT
    that is interested in working on it with me?

– jra
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