Using requires_rt in RT extensions on CPAN

Heya all,
Module::Install::RTx recently started providing requires_rt() and
rt_too_new() functions, and placeing that data in META.yml. This means
that there is now enough rope to auto-generate the extension list:

Request Tracker — Best Practical Solutions

If you have a published extension that you’d like listed there, please
make sure that it contains RT version metadata. The most
straightforward way is to update to the latest Module::Install::RTx; it
will default to announcing compatibility with RT 4.0 and 4.2.

If there’s a different minimum version your extension requires, you can
specify that via adding, in your Makefile.PL:

requires_rt ‘4.0.9’;

If your extension doesn’t work on RT 4.2, or isn’t applicable there,
don’t forget to add:

rt_too_new ‘4.2.0’;

While we don’t promise that every RT extension will be listed on the
Extensions page, having metadata announcing compatibility with RT 4.0
will be a lower threshold for such.

  • Alex