Using request tracker via different URLs

Hello everyone,

We’ve stardet to use request tracker within our team. Initially it was set
up within our private address space. But afterwards we had to expose it to
the external world. For that we added an additional interface to the VM,
where RT software is running. That interface has a public IP address on it.
In that way RT is now available via two interfaces - one of them being in
our internal network and another being in external. Users can access
WebUI, log in, create tickets and do all the tasks via the new external
interface. But when it comes to links in the WebUI, there are sometimes
problems. Part of the links are referring to the external URL and part are
referring to internal URL. In other words, users, who are comming via
external interface have problems accessing the links, that are referring to
the internal URLs.

Is there any configuration that can fix that. Ideally we’d like it to always
use relative URLs - so if user is comming over the external interface - all
links have to point to the external address. And for those comming from the
Internal URLs - to the internal.

Hope for your help.

Best regards,

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