Using Postfix with Satelite mail config option to work with MDaemon mail server

Hi all,
I am new to RT and still setting up RT 3.8.8 on Ubuntu 10.10 desktop,
and along the way, I realized the ONLY OPTION I have is to make my RT
run mail to contact our existing mail server (MDaemon 11.0.3 on a
Windows server - since I am in a Windows environment).

I chose postfix, I have installed it, but I need to know how to
configure it so that it relays mail to the Mdaemon server, as well as
receive mail from the same. This will help in enabling existing mail
users send and recieve mail seamlessly on ticketing!

What config options should I use? Any guides and links will be much
appreciated, please help


Gregory Okoth
NOC Engineer
Tel: (254 20) 360 0908
Fax: (254 20)(254 20) 360 0001