Using of Articles

Hi folks,
I am trying to use Articles for some tasks here and came to following knowledge.

  1. If one need to parametrize the text for example on some CustomField basis, he can maybe use ArticleTemplates extension. But this is IMHO insecure as stated because it can not be limited only to certain queues where you trust the staff. Or maybe reprogram it slightly to disallow anyone to use RT::SystemUser and replace this with RT::CurrentUser instead. How do you treat this? I mean the need of parametrization of an Article and if using the mentioned plugin?
  2. There is no possibility to use Articles on Forward page. Do you have some customization for this?

Thank you, Petr

This was a stupid question from me :slight_smile: The code used in Article Custom field is presented as text to user after execution of selected article. User can not enter any code to Content field on Ticket update. So it’s sufficient not to give common users rights to edit Articles.