Using multiple mail-templates in RT


I’m working on customizing a RT 3.0.9 install, which worked perfectly this far.
The only thing I wasn’t able to figure out is if it is possible to
have email-templates for a handful of standard responses.
RT will be used to track requests for data access in this case, and
there are a few standard responses, say:

  • approved
  • need-more-information
  • rejected-criteriumA
  • rejected-criteriumB

I can make 4 templates for these situations, no problem, but having
these templates accessible from the webGUI when a ticket-owner replies
is what I haven’t been able to figure out.

I guess I can just change mason-components to fit my needs, but that
would make it hard on upgrading, and I’d like this to be extensible,
so whenever I create a new template I don’t need to get into
mason-code again to add this template there as well.

hope this makes sense, and anybody can help me with it.