Using MassageCustomFields to select default value for customfield on new ticket from web interface

Hi, I’m trying to set a default for a customfield on new ticket creation
from the web interface. I’ve searched and found this wiki but I’m unable
to implement the MassageCustomFields solution described there. I
understand how to do (and that it’s easier) to set a default with an
OnCreate scrip, but I want the default shown in advance to the web

I have a customfield called “Urgency” defigned/assigned for tickets and
I can see and edit the field on new ticket creation. I’ve entered the
callback code from the wiki on step #3 and from adding some debug
statements, I can see that this part is working from the event log.
Also, between making attempted fixes, I’ve deleted the mson cache and
restarted httpd.

I think my problem is in modifying the mason key store as described in
the wiki under the example “Second, you need to go to the custom fields
values class, and add the method that will return the default value.”

Seems my questions would be:

  1. If my customfield is named “Urgency,” where do I place the file for
    “package RT::CustomFieldValues::CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME;”

  2. I guess that part should actually be named “package

  3. Since I’m already defining my customfield in the normal admin web
    interface and the values I’ll use (Low, Medium, High), I am thinking the
    example in the wiki is for external lookup type customfields because it
    seems to also define the allowable values in addition to the default.

  4. Can I use the modified code shown below? If so, where do I put this
    information? I’m trying to make use of the rt/local areas instead of
    changing sources.

package RT::CustomFieldValues::Urgency;

use strict;

use warnings;

use base qw(RT::CustomFieldValues);

RT::Logger->info(“edit urgency custom field”);

sub DefaultValue {

 return "Medium";



Thanks in advance!