Using Links to link to customer DB

Heya all.


Using RT- 2.0.11

Watching jesse’s presentation has revitialised my interest in RT
internals, and has brought me back to the number 1 complaint about RT in my
company… its so slow (please, nothing about tuning my system, i’ve been
down that road).

The biggest problem is the way we currently link our customer database to
RT is via the customers email address, which requires doing a search for
all tickets by a given requestor, which seems to be a particularly slow
query. Which in turn slows down everything else. This also has the problem
that our customer my for some reason be using a different email address to
what our client database expects, meaning we cannot link that ticket
without adding the expected email address.

So, what I want to do is start using the Links table to link against our
client database’s primary key. What i’ve been able to workout is it has
something to do with URI2HTTP, and possibly ContentFromURI might be
helpfull too…

So, can anyone point me in a more meaningful direction (Yes i’ve looked
through the archives, couldn’t find much there).