Using Asterisk voicemail to generate tkt (was Re: RT SOAPSERVER)

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Subject: Using Asterisk voicemail to generate tkt (was Re:
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Hello all

I have used asterisk voice mail to create tickets in rt but
have not

Care to share on the steps to have voicemail/voice to create
a ticket? I am in the process of tetsing out asterisk so even
if it is just for asterisk I like to see how it is done.

Essentially, just set Asterisk to deliver the voicemail message as an
attachment and then point it at the email submission address for RT.
Ideally use a special submission address into RT and a separate queue
that an operator reviews and transcribes the salient points of into the
body of the ticket.

There was glue in the past to use the SOAP interface, but that went away
with the enhanced security architecture that came as part of RT3.
Hopefully SOAP, or a suitable replacement, will come back soon. See

The possibilities afforded by bolting a fully customizable IVR platform
to RT would make it a killer package. Consider that you don’t even
need physical lines to plumb Asterisk into the world - Vonage, SIP from
an existing corporate PBX etc… roll in some Sphinx glue:


Kris Boutilier
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