Using AddValueForObject in scrip to update a 'select multiple' CF


Has anyone got AddValueForObject working in a scrip with a ‘select
multiple’ custom field?

my $cf_obj = RT::CustomField->new($self->CurrentUser);
$cf_obj->LoadByName( Name => “Product”, Queue => ‘0’,);
$RT::Logger->debug( "Loaded " . $cf_obj->Name() );
my $res = $cf_obj->AddValueForObject( Object => $self->TicketObj,
Content => “Prod1” );
$RT::Logger->debug( "res = " . $res );
return 1;

The scrip fires, no errors in the log, Results pane gives me:

“Prod1 is no longer a value for custom field product”

I’m using a base install of 3.6.1 on debian 4, but have updated and Interface/ to 3.6.6 versions trying to
sort this.


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