Users - privileged or not?

I just installed RT today, and I can’t quite figure out what kind of
user privileges I want. It seems like I want a combination of
things. As background:

  • RT 3.4.2
  • Planned use: Help Desk/Trouble ticket application

I have 3 classes of users:

  • Admin
  • Staff
  • Users

Admin is self-explanatory (I hope) – they should be able to do

Staff should be able to do normal things: take tickets, modify,
resolve, comment, etc.

Users: I would like them to be able to

  • see all tickets
  • be able to reply to, close/re-open and set the due date on tickets
    they are the requestor for or cc’d on
  • NOT comment on
  • NOT take
  • Get the nice “my open tickets” view if they don’t want to see
    everything (like the one unprivileged users get)
  • get the nice “my closed tickets” view (ditto)

I currently have users as privileged but with no ability to take
tickets or comment, but I still get the ‘take’ and ‘comment’ links. I
like that with unprivileged users, the staff gets to see a summary of
the requestor (“More about Joe Casadonte”).

So, am I crazy in what I want? Thanks for the help!


Joe Casadonte