User/Group rights to see group members and user details

After recovering from my root user being … incapacitated :slight_smile: I’m a bit
lost. I want a group of RT users (support team to say) to be able to see
group members (when the requestor belongs to a group) and requestor
details (requestors for this queue are registered users with details
about them entered - address, phones, …) Which rights should I give to
my support group ?!?

Thank You

Boris Jordanov

Nothing? No one? :slight_smile:

Your question is foggy, cuz there is no user’s group as user can be
user member of many groups. It’s not clear if people in support group
should see something special or requestors should see something. It’s
not clear about which page you’re talking.On Fri, Jul 3, 2009 at 4:49 PM, Boris wrote:

Nothing? No one? :slight_smile:

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Best regards, Ruslan.