User Defined Scripts in RT 3.0.9

Hi @ all,

and another one from me.

OK, i think i’m too stupid, but i can’t find a solution.

I have created a new script under a specified queue. i have also created a
template (only with some words in the content part). But if i send a reply
(via WebUI) the scripts seems not to work.

Here is my script:

Description: Verweiss
Condition: On Correspond
Custom Conditions: none
Action: Notify Requestor
Custom action preparation code: none
Custom action cleanup code: none
Stage: TransactionCreate
Template: Template_Verweiss

Under Templates:

Name: Template_Verweiss
Description: blahblahblah
Content: blablabla

OK, if i go to a ticket in this queue and send a reply, this script don’t
attach the Text from the Template.

I think, i’m to stupid with the scripting…


Don’t forget about one empty line in template.
First lines until one empty are for headers override.

Next, in RT_SiteConfig:

Set($NotifyActor, ‘1’);
If you are requestor and replier at the same time then this option
should help.
Best regards. Ruslan.

PS: Somebody post report that he get notification only if he reply with
superuser right via WebUI. I didn’t reproduce it on my machine, but he
gave cut of log where we can see wierd behavior.

HAM MI-IH / Torsten Brumm wrote: