User creation using a script


I am a Java developer who is currently consuming the REST API of RT(version

I have two requirements :

  1. I am asked to provide a ‘script’ that will create a user in the RT
    database(may have special rights or not) - the REST API doesn’t provide any
    such URL. My requirement is to call some code that will take the username
    and password from my code and create a user in RT
  2. I am using the RT Wiki REST API( I am able to search for
    tickets by building a query. I need to know whether REST API supports any
    ’pagination’ - the RT front-end has option to select the no. of rows per
    page which then paginates in case of a large no. of records.Can the same be
    done via REST API ?

Please revert in case I need to be more elaborate on my queries.

Thanks and regards !