User can't view newly created ticket

Hi there,

I’ve been using RT2 for a long time at my former job. It helped me and
my colleagues a lot managing our support things, and I want to say thank
you to everybody that helped developing this tool.

This time I just installed it on my own and found a funny “hickup”. I
didn’t do anything special with the setup; just followed the
installation guide. I searched the list archive, but I could not find
anything helpful.

Here’s what I did.

I added one user without any privileges. To the “general” queue, I added
the following group rights:



If I log in with the non-privileged user, I get to the SelfService area,
which is quite fine. I can create a ticket in the “general” queue, but
right after clicking on “Create ticket”, I get the RT error “No
permission to display that ticket”. That’s amazing, because I’m the
Requestor, so I should be able to see it. Even more amazing: If I select
"Open requests", my newly created ticket is there, and if I click on
"Details" I actually can view it.

It looks like the database isn’t updated fast enough or something; like
that RT tries to display the ticket right before the database knows that
it’s mine. I’m confused. :slight_smile:

Can somebody tell me what’s going on?


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