Use "To-Address" As Filter for Search/Queue

Hello - we’re currently utilizing RT 4.2.12 for our system. We previously only had one email address we were using to field all customer service requests - help@blahblah.blah. We’ve recently added a second domain - help@boopboop.boop.

My goal was to set up a search view so that our RT customer service people could easily identify which mail was sent to the “help@blahblah.blah” address and a separate view for mail sent to the “help@boopboop.boop” address.

The customer service rep could then reply to either mail and the reply would come from the appropriate address.

Currently, I sort of have this functional - but it’s very manual. I’ve set up a queue for @blabhlah, and a service rep can view a new ticket, identify which queue it is intended for, and then change the queue to the appropriate one and the reply-to address will be correct. However, I’d like to have emails sent to this address automatically be sent to the “blahblah” queue.


You can add an alias entry in etc/aliases and provide the —queue value for that “to” address in the rt-mailgate pipe. This should mean emails to “support” and emails to “sales” addresses can do to their respective queues

If you use something like fetch mail to pull email then you need to make those changes in the fetch mail config

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From my understanding, this would work if they were the same domain, right?

If they were both @boop.boop, I could set up aliases like this:

boop-help: “|/opt/rt4/bin/rt-mailgate --queue boop-help --action correspond --url http://boop.boop/
boop-service: “|/opt/rt4/bin/rt-mailgate --queue boop-service --action comment --url http://boop.boop/

So if a mail was sent to boop-help@boop.boop it would come in to RT in the boop-help queue. If a mail was sent to boop-service@boop.boop it wouldc ome in to Rt in the boop-service queue.

However, my problem is I have two separate domains, boop, and blah. Is there something I’m missing here? Or an additional configuration I need somewhere else?

Oh you’re right I mis-read that, are you using Postfix for incoming email?

Indeed, using postfix.

I do this for my RT using virtual alias maps:

Where I map certain domains or addresses to aliases in etc/aliases

That worked perfectly, thank you so much!

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