Use per-transaction Custom Field to generate "work flow"

I want to setup a system where users can pick from a list of predefined
“work flows” that will generate one or more child tickets listing the tasks
that need to be done for that workflow. I approached this by creating a
per-transaction custom field called “Generate workflow” and gave it a list
of workflow names, such as “New Employee”, “Name Change”, “Employee

I figured I’d create a user-defined Scrip that would check if that custom
field was defined and use the value as the template name for the
CreateTickets action. But when I started programming to do this, I
discovered that the per-transaction custom field value is not available to
Scrips. (Not very intuitive, IMHO.)

Now, I found this patch:
Carbon60: Cloud Consulting - Services and Solutions.

Is this patch my best option, or is there a better way to proceed that I
haven’t considered?

Thanks in advance,

Jason Long
Messiah College