Usable databases

I am working with a Sun Cobalt RaQ XTR server. It has many features
that I like but uses it’s own package mechanism. It also relies very
heavily on Perl and PostgresQL internally for much of its operation.

Currently the RT Manual says that I can use either MySQL v3.23.28 or
higher or PostgreSQL v7.1.1. or higher. Currently available
prepackaged for a Cobalt RaQ server are MySQL v3.23.27 and inexorably
tied to the OS PostgreSQL 7.0.2. I have downloaded RT v2.0.13 and
would like to build it. My RT system has been stopped since I started
up this new server and I’d like to get rt moved over.

I looked at the various announcements and changelog. I’ve no idea what
is my best choice. I couldn’t find what would make MySQL v3.23.28
succeed where v3.23.27 would fail, not if it is something I care
about. What I would like most is to use PostgreSQL since I prefer it
to my other database choices. [ I believe that if Sun is sincere about
their recent pro-linux pronouncements it will be upgraded soon
enough. ]

Can anyone tell me why I shouldn’t use the older version of either
MySQL or PostgreSQL?

Josh Kuperman