URL for RT I've installed


I’ve installed RT 3.6.5 and can reach the login page at
http://cmutils.cm.aol.com:8080/rtnew. But after entering username and
password, when I press “Login” button, I reach
http://cmutils.cm.aol.com:8080/index.html and not

Any ideas what’s going wrong?

These are my settings in my RT site config file:

Set($WebPort , 8080);
Set($WebPath , “/rtnew”);

However, when I try to login using the login screen at
http://cmutils.cm.aol.com:8080/rtnew/index.html,I am able to login.

I want to be able to log in using login screen at
http://cmutils.cm.aol.com:8080/rtnew....would appreciate any help on this.