URGENT Re: Scrip failures

I’ve diffed database dumps, and the codebase, but there’ve been no changes
that could explain RT’s sudden failure to send proper requestor notifications.
It seems web-responses are not logged, cause the aforementioned exception,
and the recipient receives a message with the actual content as an “attachment”
(that apparently some clients will not display, but it ought to be
inlined anyhow)

Default "On Correspond Notify Requestors and Ccs"
Correspondence template:
RT-Attach-Message: yes
X-Priority: {my $p=$Ticket->Priority; $p=50 if $p<0; 6-(int(($p/20)+.5)||1)}

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crummy.txt (2.25 KB)

Hmm, I spoke too soon Re: not being the template’s fault.
Apparently the code form


has bad action-at-a-distance side-effects. Looks like something’s
awry with &RT::Transaction_Overlay::Attachments, perhaps all
the mucking with self, rather than temp copies?

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