Upgrading from RT 2 to RT 3.4.5


I am going to switch to RT 3.4.5 on CentOS 4.4, I tuned every detail. I trained with rt2-to-rt3,
followed by using /etc/rt/upgrade, and discovered the incremental mode : I wish I would use it, as
the database is our support database, it’s 5 GB large, it will take a while to build the definitive
RT 3.4.5, and I don’t want to stop our support database for too long.

BUT : say I import the large DB once and build everything (RTFM fields, custom fields …); when I
am finished, some tickets entered RT 2 : can I use the incremental mode, as I need to run the
upgrade process using the directory /etc/rt/upgrade, on top of rt2-to-rt3 ? Or will I scramble the
database if I go this way ?


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