Upgrading from 0.0.8

We have a client with a version of RT that says 0.0.8. Need to get it to 5. Is there any way to get this done?

0.0.8? Blimey - that’ll be “fun”. :slight_smile:

I assume with something that old its probably got a whole heap of tickets in it? I think the first thing I’d do is make a copy of the underlying database and then see what portion of those could be shredded (unless having a 25 year old history of tickets is useful to the organisation). Then either craft a way of extracting the remaining tickets, users and history from the old database and inserting them into a new RT5.0 directly with some custom Perl, or going through all the upgrades that have happened since then (is 0.0.8 still based on req?). Either way may well be painful as RT has changed a lot since the RT1.0 release and what you have pre-dates that.

For the latter approach, I pulled the RT 1.0 tarball from Best Practical’s archive (which is the earliest on there) and in the FAQ document it says:

Q2.2 Upgrading from RT version 0.9.1 or lower.
This is the contents of the file README.91UPGRADE which should be part of the release:

Since RT 0.9.1, the codebase and database format have undergone
incompatible changes. This version of the installation package
does NOT come with an easy upgrade path from 0.9.1 or before.
However, the instructions below should make the upgrade possible.

This version of RT should be significantly more stable than
0.9.1, but new buglets may have crept into my code when I wasn’t
looking. As always, I look forward to any comments you may have.


To upgrade from .9.1 to a post-.9.4 version :
''mysqldump -c -t rt > (YOUR_RT_DUMP_FILE)"
edit (YOUR_RT_DUMP_FILE) to remove the ACL line for “root”
(Something like
grep -v “INSERT INTO users VALUES (‘root’”
should do the trick

copy your current RT installation to a safe location
“mysqladmin drop rt”
install a fresh copy of RT .9.8, as if for the first time
mysql rt < (YOUR_RT_DUMP_FILE2)
copy your transaction tree back into place
copy rt/etc/templates/queues back into place’’

So I guess that’s your first step. Once you’ve got an RT 1.0 database you’ll then have to get it via the RT2.x releases to one of the 3.x versions that a modern RT install can upgrade from. To get to RT 2.x from RT1.0 you’ll need to look at the README in the rt-2.0.1 tarball and then if you can find this stuff still. To get to RT 3.0.0 from an RT2.x version you’ll need to follow these instructions.

Good luck - I think you’ll need it! :wink:

Maybe it’s RT 4.08? Which would make the upgrade much easier!

Yes! That’s actually the thing to really check first! :slight_smile: