Upgraded to RT5

RT5.0 is installed and restored the DB from the RT4.0.19 , DB is upgraded but when logged into the WebUI unable to view any tickets or queues in the dashboard

RT 5 works? Just no data in it?

Yes , unable to view any data in the interface

I am asking are you not able to view the data as in something is broken or the data just doesn’t exist? Maybe your RT 5 is configured to look at an empty RT 5 database and not the one you upgraded?

Also check if you cann see the tickets when logged in as enoch root. It might be that the new install has some slightly different setting for authentication (especially if you’re using external authentication or letting a web server authenticate you for things like SSO) so its logging you in but you appear to be a different, unprivileged user to RT. I’ve seen it for example when an SSO server was returning the mail attribute rather than sAMAccountName.