Upgrade RT 4.2 > 4.4 - Debian 9 packages - Database Schema

So still working on updating RT 4.2.8 > 4.4.3 via Debian 9’s request-tracker4 packages. Finally got the binary upgrade process down but when I start testing it out I get errors that certain fields/columns are missing.

Since I’m coming from the packages and not the source I think my issue is I’m missing the “make upgrade-database” part. What are my options for this situation? I see in /usr/share/request-tracker4/etc/upgrade there are many folders that have a “content” file that might be what I need, but I’m not sure how to utilize them. Do I have to do a certain process for each version from 4.2.8? If so, what is that process? I used my notes from going from 3.x > 4.2 and there was a perl script that I ran back then that helped but when I retry that I get the same output (So doesn’t help me in this case)…Thoughts?

After re-reviewing my notes found the part I was missing:


Duh :wink:

I faced similar issue, and found I needed to apply al the ‘inbetween’ database changes manually as this was not incoorporated in the ‘upgrade-mysql-schema.pl’ script.

I did not investigate the ‘rt-setup-database’ script, as it is not mentioned in any of the upgrade instructions?

Which one of these methods would be preferred?