Upgrade path from RPM?

I’ve been a long-time user of RT3, and for the last 18 months or so have
been running Paulo Matos’ RPM installation of 3.4.5 with no trouble.
However, now I want to upgrade that system to 3.6.4 and Paulo has not
made RPMs for 3.6.x. I don’t blame him - it looks like a lot of work :slight_smile:

I don’t mind building RT ‘from source’ - I did that for 3.0.x and 3.2.x,
but I would like to have it fit with my existing install, so I have a
couple of questions:

  1. Can I find out from the existing installation what configure flags I
    need to give the new release to install over the old one? (like
    config.status in an Apache) - the layout is rather different from the
    default one.

  2. Do I even want to do that? Is it better to just build the perl
    dependencies prior to the upgrade, then install the new RT into a
    separate hierarchy? Will RT 3.4 break if I upgrade the perl modules to
    the 3.6-required versions ahead of the RT upgrade?

Thanks in advance for any pointers…