Upgrade from 3.0.7_01 to 3.2.3 gone awry / NOW: fixed, Jumbo update?

I was able to get my upgrade from 3.0.7_01 to 3.2.3 completed and working
by downgrading CGI.pm from 2.92 back to 2.81. Everything seems to be
working, I can create new tickets via mail or web, all is well…

With the exception of one thing. Logged into RT as root/superuser with all
rights in every queue. When I click on an individual ticket, I no longer
have the ticket management options in the left pane (ie Basics, Jumbo). We
absolutely need Jumbo. Not sure why the expansion of ticket mgmt options in
the left pane disappeared. We do not have any Callbacks / nothing under

Thanks for any help.

Joe Micciche
Progressive Insurance