Upgrade from 3.0.7_01 to 3.2.3 // DB schema change verification

In the tarball for 3.2.3, there are 3 directories in /etc/upgrade: 3.1.0,
3.1.15, 3.1.17. Directions state to apply changes in each directory that is
greater than what we were running.

3.1.0 has the schema, acl.

The 3.1.15 and 3.1.17 each have a file called content with some scrips in

I just want to verify that the only db change applied for a 3.0.7_01
upgrade to 3.2.3 is in the 3.1.0 directory.

Thanks and sorry for the dumb questions, this was my first upgrade.

Joe Micciche
Progressive Insurance