Updating attachments

Hi list,

since I haven’t found an answer in the mailing list or the wiki and
can’t think of a good solution myself I have to ask you all: Is there a
possibility to update attachments instead of adding new versions all the

Background: My boss intends to attach more or less often changed
documents by different people like specifications etc to RT (using it
partly like a document management system I guess). To avoid adding a new
file version each time (and a hugely growing database) he likes to
update the file instead. Is there a possibility?

Alternatively I thought about giving rights to the Shredder to several
people so they can delete old attachments before adding new ones but
that means giving them rights for the Rights Matrix too and I don’t want
them to play around and mix up all the settings. Will be hard to restore
that later. Right now only me and another admin have access to the
configuration menu.

Are there any good ideas on this topic which I haven’t thought of yet?
Or any ideas how to implement the updates of attachments (if possible)?