Update Multiple Tickets loads slowly - too many email addresses

We just upgraded our RT instance to 3.4.4 on Solaris 9 from 3.2.2 on
Solaris 8, and we’ve run into a couple of things that changed between

The biggest problem has been that on the Update Multiple Tickets page
and the Search Query Constructor, we’re currently loading all of the
email addresses (including spammers who hammered our instance years ago)
into the Owner field as potential owners. This list is HUGE, and it’s
taking several minutes to load, each time we use it.

We had the same problem with creating new tickets, and that one we fixed
by moving the “OwnTicket” right from the “Everyone” group to the
"Privileged" group.

However, I don’t understand Bulk.html and Build.html or the permissions
and rights well enough to figure out what permissions I need to change
to fix this particular issue. Can someone point me at documentation on
the Wiki or elsewhere that will help me sort out what I need to do?


Anne Cross
Systems Administrator, Tufts University
"The cross product of insanities is normal."