Update after building from source


We run RT 5.0.1 on a hardened FreeBSD VM, and we are upgrading to 5.0.3.

We have written a script that will allow us to properly build 5.0.3 within the constraints of our environment (for example, the machine on which we’re building RT doesn’t have outbound Internet access).

My question: This is, essentially, a fresh install of 5.0.3 which will replace 5.0.1. Can we replace our current RT install with this one, and run make upgrade-database to update the MySQL database? Or do we have to take the exact steps listed in section 6b of the readme?

According to me it is not possible to replace an instll this new RT. However, you can still try and go for it.
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I’ve created a Makefile machinery that allows me to do both vanilla installs and upgrades from a configurable older version. Tests from RT 4.2.12 to RT 5.0.1 and 5.0.3 seem to work. Applying my system to your problem, I’d do the following:

-install a vanilla RT 5.0.3 into a directory of its own
-dump the mysql database from your current RT 5.0.1
-overwrite the empty default database in RT 5.0.3. with the dump you just created
-run make upgrade-database in RT 5.0.3

The advantage of this is that if the upgrade fails, you can return to your intact RT 5.0.1 to enable/disable configurations (Custom Fields, Scrips whatever) or do any other operations to pave the way for the upgrade and try again.

If you also have RT::IR like we do, we’d add to the above vanilla install of RT 5.0.3 the install of RT::IR 5.0.2 and then in the upgrade phase, we’d run make upgrade-database for RT 5.0.3 and then make upgrade-database of RT::IR 5.0.2.

Good luck!